Bunker Punks: Impressions

Bunker Punks is an interesting blend of classic FPS mechanics and modern Roguelikes.

Like FPS of old, there is no reload, no regenerating shields, and no iron sights. It's pure run and fun goodness. It even features graphics that is very close to it's inspiration. The enemies, props, and items are all 2D sprites in a 3D world, even the textures are pixelated to match the feel of classic FPSs such as Doom, or Wolfenstein. Of course all of this is presented within a roguelike format. Randomly generated maps, loot, and permadeath is some of it's key features.

I would probably call Bunker Punks a rogue-lite over roguelike because like other rogue-lites, such as Rogue legacy, there will be upgrades that you can unlock that will carry over to the next playthrough. Such as new items that could potentially drop, extra bunkers, or new characters.

The gameplay itself is pretty simple. Run and gun your way through a connected map, looting and shooting your way into riches. Collect cred, and tech to upgrade your bunker, and collect items to upgrade your characters. There will be multiple weapons available to unlock and pick up and even multiple characters to try.

The game plays well enough, but it's not perfect. There are definitely things I'd like to see added or improved on. It's nice the game has variety of characters to play as, but since it's only their base stats that differentiate each other, and since you can customize your load up and pick ups, they all end up playing exactly the same, especially at later parts of a run. I'd also like to see more enemy and environment variations, as of this current review, the RNG does cycle through a lot of the same material over and over again. Another addition I'd really like to see added is secret rooms. Finding secret rooms were some of the best parts of those old FPSs, and it's a shame it's not in Bunker Punks.

Overall Bunker Punks is a well conceived blend of classic FPS with roguelike elements. It's fast paced, challenging, and plays and feels just like it's inspirations. Many of my critiques are fairly minor and easily addressed in future updates, at least let's hope they do.

- Very good representation of classic FPS
- The genre blending is handled well
- Fast paced and challenging
- Good upgrade system
- Addictive

- Character selection is bland
- More variety in enemies and environment needed
- Needs secret rooms

► Bunker Punks Video recorded on update: Ver. 0.115
► Bunker Punks hours played: 4 hours
► Completion Status on Bunker Punks: N/A
► This copy of Bunker Punks was provided by the developer / publisher


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