XCOM 2: Initial Impressions (Turn based strategy)

|Xcom2 is a difficult and challenging game. If anyone new is thinking about getting it I suggest lots of research and learning on how to apply the game's available mechanics successfully. My perspective is purely from some one who's new to the series and haven't played much turn based strategy in the past.

Much of your success will be based on probability rolls. What this means is, even if your shot has an 85% chance of success, you could still very well fail. It can be infuriating, but careful planning and smart use of the tools available can very much help mitigate some of that frustration.

XCOM 2: Initial Impressions (Turn based strategy, Gameplay, and Review) Relevant information on American Truck Simulator and links below ► XCOM 2 hours played: 11 ► Completion Status on American...

I've mentioned that this is a difficult game, and indeed the learning curve is very high but strangely enough, understanding the core mechanics was easy and well paced. Learning how to apply them is the challenging part.

Overally XCOM2 is a very satisfying game when things go according to play, but can be infuriating when it doesn't. I like it


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