Devil Daggers: Impressions (Gothic Arcade endless shooter)

Devil Daggers is an endless arcade shooter that's incredibly challenging, yet satasfying.
It's best suited for short burst gameplay, around 30-60 second rounds, but of course if you're capable, even longer. Infact that's the real goal. To survive as long as possible.

The mechanics are pretty simple. You can shoot a stream of "devil daggers" or tap your shoot key for a shotgun-like burst. You can also collect red jewels as you kill larger enemies to improve your devil daggers' strength. It's all about micromanaging your spatial awareness, and priority in what to kill.

Though the premise is simple enough, the challenge is incredibly high. You'll get overwhelmed with enemies very quickly if you're not careful. Surviving for longer than a minute per round is a true achievement. There is an addictive value to the game's design loop with "one more game" as the initiative to replay over and over again.

The game's visuals are striking and stylized. With an eerie Gothic horror look, rendered in a pixel-3D aesthetic. The sound design is disturbing and compliment it's visuals quite well. It presents a moody atmosphere that drew me in.

The game can certainly be considered repetitive, and with only one mode to play it dosn't help it's repetition. After playing just a few rounds I quickly understood why the game was so cheap at $5.00 USD. There really isn't much content here. Luckily for us, what is here is addictive, challenging, and satasfying.

Overall, Devil Daggers is a cheap, grotesquely gorgeous endless shooter that is well suited for score attackers. It's short on content, but makes it up an addictive designed gameplay loop.

- Atmospheric visual and sound design
- Incredibly challenging
- Very addictive
- Appropriate price tag

- Short on content
- Might not be for everyone

► Devil Daggers hours played: 2
► Completion Status on Devil Daggers: N/A
► This copy of Devil Daggers provided by the developers


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