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Jamestown: Impressions (shoot'm up Indie Game)

Jamestown is a fast paced indie shmup that features tons to unlock and some pretty damn nice visuals.

In Jamestown you'll be able to select from a number of different ships to play as, and each one play pretty different from one another. Some will have homing missiles, others will have plasma beams, and all sorts of other special abilities. As far as mechanics is concerned it's pretty simple. You have your regular shoot button, then a special which you can charge for an alternate fire, you also have vault as a defensive skill to negate any immediate dangers and bullets, and that's about it! Shoot stuff, collect the coins, then buy stuff with the coins. It's not a hard game to get into but it is a hard one to master.

Jamestown: Impressions (shoot'm up, shmup, Indie Game, Gameplay, and Review) Relevant information and links below Jamestown is a shmup, or shoot'm up that features great pixel art, and an indie...

The game's pacing is great as well. Each level never over stay it's welcome, while offering varied difficulty challenges as you proceed through them. This is a good thing since you'll be going over the same levels more than once in order to unlock everything in the game. It is arguable that Jamestown recycles a lot of the same content, but the developers have introduced interesting ways to reuse older assets to further the variety the game has to offer. From arcade mode, to challenge modes, and even a gauntlet mode, and more to unlock later on.

The game's graphics and presentation is top-notch. The pixel art featured is of a high caliber, with great details and animation. The game's soundtrack compliments the game's excellent presentation and really hits home the atmosphere the game tries to get across. It's just a gorgeous looking and sounding game.

There's a lot to love about Jamestown, but it's not perfect. The biggest issue I drew from the game is it's white enemy bullets. Of all the colors in the color wheel, why on earth did the developers choose white as the color of what's arguably the most important element in a shmup? White blends into the background, it blends in when there are explosions, it blends in where the screen shake. White is just not the color the eye picks up on first. When you're talking about shmups, visual clarity is of the utmost importance. Shmup players don't watch their spirits or the bullets individually, they "feel" them like a 6th scent. Usually in other shmups enemy bullets are as clear as day, allowing the player to ultaize their peripheral vision to "feel" their way around the battlefield. Because the bullets are white, a dull, uncaptivating color, the player is forced to watch every single bullet while keeping a close eye on the character sprite, forcing the player to play with a focus on parts of the game that shouldn't be focused on. The focus should be on the on coming dangers, not the immediate danger. The white bullets is my only real complaint about Jamestown, but it is a major one considering the genre.

Overall Jamestown is an excellent shmup. It feels great, it has a great degree of variety, and the ships are very interestingly designed. It does suffer from visual clarity problems due to it's white enemy bullets, but if you can adjust, I have no doubt Jamestown will be a memorable experience.

- Fantastic pixel art
- Fantastic Soundtrack
- Great diversity in ships
- Lots to unlock
- Many different ways to play

- White enemy bullets... for a shmup... seriously what the hell were the devs thinking?
(Only one con, but this one is a biggie)

Hours of Jamestown played: 2.5

Completion Status on Jamestown: N/A

This copy of Jamestown was purchased

Zombie Vikings: Impressions

Zombie Vikings is a beat'm up similar to what you'll find in Castle Crashers. It features a fast paced combat with an interesting art style.

You have your choice of 4 (6 total with the DLCs) characters, and you can play upto 4 players at once locally. The characters play mostly the same, with their special attack being the aspect that separates them. You have your basic attack, when held it'll do a more powerful swing. The more you chain the more damage you'll do. You also have a block and a roll as defensive maneuvers, and of course you have your jump and jump attack as well. To help round things out, there is also a throw key, that allows you to carry and throw a variety of things, your allies, objects and enemies. The most interesting attack is the special key that each character's signature move. Like the regular attack, it has a quick press, and a hold variation. Each character's special varies quite a lot, from throwing groups of enemies, to a scorpion like arm harpoon that helps you continue your combo.

YouTube™ Video: Zombie Vikings: Impressions (Beat'm up, Indie Game, Gameplay, and Review)
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Zombie Vikings: Impressions (Beat'm up, Indie Game, Gameplay, and Review) Relevant information and links below Zombie Vikings is a new beat'm up indie game by the same developers of Stick it to the...

The game plays very similar to the likes of Castle Crashers. You and possibly a group of your local friends will head out, button mashing and comboing your way through any give map. Throughout you'll encounter a variety of different enemies and boss battles. Most of the combat plays out as you expect from any given beat'm ups. Zombie Viking's combat does feel smooth, responsive, and quick, but it don't really do anything to move the genre forward, but it at least feels good. Because of the variety in maneuvers available, the game does feature some depth in mechanics to learn, however it's also not the hardest beat'm up I've ever played.

The art style and overall presentation of Zombie Vikings is superb. It features an interesting digital paint look, that's whimsical as it is comedic. The sound track, voice acting, and story also reflect this. As far as presentations are concerned, I don't have much to complain about.

Overall Zombie Vikings doesn't do much in the way of moving the genre of beat'm ups forward, but what it does do it does competently, and is overall an enjoyable experience.

- Great presentation
- Fast and responsive combat
- Interesting special moves
- Easy to get into

- Can be repetitive
- Doesn't do any thing overly original
- No online

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Hours of Zombie Vikings played: 2.5

Completion Status on Zombie Vikings: incomplete

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