Jotun: Quick Look

Jotun is an isometric hand animated adventurer. The game features great art and animation, and impressive boss fights. Though it may look like a brawler on first impression, it's not at all.

In Jotun, you play as Thora, who has to go through multiple levels of Valhalla to prove her worth to the gods. She can accomplish this by choosing which level to tackle, in which each will feature 2 stages, then a boss fight. The stages usually play out like a maze or a puzzle, where you'll be finding your path to the end while tackling environmental obstacles. There are some light combat scenarios sprinkled in between, but are often optional, or are set up more as a set piece to break up the stage, than an event to challenge the player's abilities. Once 2 stages are completed on a given level, the entrance to the boss is unlocked and from there, you're greeted with an impressive god like being, much larger than you in scale, and often has a challenge or "gimmick" that echoes the level that proceeded it.

The art is absolutely fantastic, and that should go with out saying. It's advertised as a hand animated adventurer, and the game certainly does a damn fine job at fulfilling that description. The animation quality is on par with classic animated movies of the past, while it's art design reminds me a little of old school Disney. It's beautiful visuals are complimented with an equally impressive sound design. The voice acting in the viking tongue is a nice touch to push the theme of the game further, while the music and sound effects are both appropriate and of a high quality. I love the OST of Jotun.

My favorite part of the game is easily the boss fights. They are impressive in design as well as in scale, often towering the player. Think Shadow of the Colossus kind of scaling, but in 2D hand animated form. The bosses also draw elements from the stages that you've completed in order to reach it. The ones I've defeated were very satisfying to fight.

Though there is much I liked about Jotun, there was one thing that really frustrated me. It's inconsistent level design. This is not to say all the levels and stages were unenjoyable, some were actually very smartly designed in it's puzzles. However, the ones that I didn't enjoy frustrated the ever living hell out of me. Back tracking, confusion, paths that lead back to the beginning, and the feeling that it's there simply to pad out the content before reaching the real treat of the game, the boss fights, these were all issues I drew from the game.

Though I feel like some of the levels I've played over stayed it's welcome, my overall experience with Jotun was definitely positive. It's eye catching art and animation, it's impressive sound design and boss fights were definitely highlights.

- Great art and animation
- Impressive boss fights

- Inconsistent, sometimes frustrating level design

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This copy of Jotun was given by the developers for review


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