Brigador: Early Impressions

Brigador is a tactical isometric shooter where every thing in the environment is destructible. At the time of this review, the game is still incomplete but shows a lot of promise in it's well designed gameplay.

Brigador is a challenging game to say the least. A player's first inclination is to shoot everything in sight, but you'll quickly learn that strategy will get you killed pretty fast. Your ammo is limited, your HP don't regenerate, and the game features a perma-death system. With out careful planning and strategic thinking, you'll become scrap metal in an instant. The game has a high learning curve, and an equally high skill ceiling. The game makes no concession to casual players.

The goal of the game is to enter an enemy territory, shoot out 3 of their cannons, and then get the hell out of there. It sounds simpler than it actually is. In any given map, there will be tons of enemies swarming to blow you up if you're not careful, as well as environmental hazards. Gas pipes, oil stations, and other things can easily blow up in your face ending your run. Then there are mud, tracks, and sand that will slow you down. Though there are hazards, the environment is completely destructible, allowing you to make your own path to the goals, avoiding the dangerous main roads.

Before even starting your mission, you'll be able to pick your vehicle, weapons, and special abilities. there are 6 different vehicles that are variations of 3 different types, tank, mech, and hover. Tanks have good Armour and speed, while mechs can use a powerful stomp, and hovers can strife and are the quickest, but they're balanced with low armour and HP. They all have their own unique characteristics and stats, and the same can be said about the weapons and specials as well. The game offers a fair degree of customization and experimentation, allowing the player to tailor their ship to their play style.

Brigador also features detailed but visually clear sprites in an isometric environment. The aesthetics have a classic PC look to it, and it's one of my favorite elements of the game. The art is interesting, full of nuance, and does a good job at communicating it's overall theme and atmosphere of a dystopian future. The sound design is also quite pleasing, with an appropriately futuristic OST and sound effects that has impact. However, since the game is in early access, some sound effects aren't implemented and is distracting from what is an otherwise polished presentation.

There's a lot of stuff to like about the game, it's presentation, it's skill oriented gameplay, and the destructible environments, however in it's current state, the game does feel incomplete. Currently, there is only one mode to play, endless mode, nothing to unlock, no stat tracking, and no story mode. So basically, the game is bare bones feeling very very beta. Of course it's in early access and these things are to be expected, but it is something worth mentioning for any one expecting a complete game. Bragador does not feel complete. There is a lot of room to grow and I am excited to see where it goes. One feature I really would like to see added is some kind of multiplayer. But until the game is further updated / released, it doesn't give much incentive for the player to keep playing, other than it's core gameplay, and maybe experimenting with different combinations of weapons and ships.

Overall, Brigador is a very promising game, that in my opinion, has the potential to be a cult favorite. All the game need to do now is to fill itself out a little. Give the player a reason to come back regularly. We'll see how it'll turn out once it's a full release, but so far, so good.

- Great classical looking visuals
- Challenging and rewarding gameplay
- Destructible environments
- customization

- Missing sound assests
- limited game modes
- Feels incomplete

Brigador hours played: 3
Completion Status on Brigador: N/A
This copy of The Brigador was given by the developer


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