Traverser: Impressions (Puzzle adventure)

Traverser is an interesting isometric puzzle adventurer, that features physics based puzzles as the player explore the game's dystopian world.

In the game you play as a young girl, who's a trained Traverser, special candidates who can manipulate objects with a special glove. In the beginning you'll find your father missing and that's where your story start. As you play you'll learn more about the wonderfully designed underground world, and it's many secrets. It's a story of dystopia set in a steampunk fantasy world.

The mechanics are simple enough. With your special Traverser glove you can pick up objects, have full control of the X, Y, and Z axis. You'll be using this very simple ability through out the game, stacking objects to get to ledges, dropping objects on weighted platforms, or even using it to build pipes. The game also features some stealth segments as well, having the player sneak past guards and cameras, as well as other segments where it'll require the player to explore the map. But to emphasis my opening remarks, it is the object manipulation and puzzle solving that takes focus here.

The game is quite a looker, with a great art style that capitalizes on the game's low poly look. With hand illustrated textures, dramatic lighting, and a delicious color pallet that you can almost taste. The voice acting and sound track are of equal praise. The actors portray emotions and character, while the ambient sounds and subtle music adds to the game's well developed environment, all of which, are stylized in a wonderfully steam punk manner.

The game looks and sound great, and the premise is simple enough, but how does it play? To put it bluntly, the game is very simple. Most of the puzzles aren't overly difficult, and the combat consist of little more than moving some objects and bumping it into enemies. For gamers that want complex, multi-layered gameplay, Traverser might not be suitable, even for those who are looking for a challenging puzzle experience, I feel Traverser may disappoint. How ever, I feel Traverser was never designed to be a brain teaser type of puzzler, rather, a more relaxed approach is taken. For those who just want to chill to some satisfying puzzles, that won't frustrate too long, while offering a wonderfully designed world to explore, Traverser can be a great experience. It wasn't the puzzles that kept me interested in the game, rather, the story and the sights. I enjoyed exploring the world and learning more about the situation, characters, and environment that it takes place in. It was my biggest incentive to keep playing.

Overall Traverser is an interesting physics based puzzler, where I feel the story and world, carries a large portion of the game.

- Great design and aesthetics
- Very Accessible
- Great story and characters
- Great voice acting

- Very simple mechanics
- Isometric view can hinder precision


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