The Last Dogma: Impressions

The Last Dogma is a slightly off beat narrative focused adventure game. There's very few combat sequences (less than a handful), and very little to interact with.

The game focuses instead on dialog and story, however the dialog choices given have no consequences and have no baring to the outcome of the game. It's also incredibly cryptic just for the sake of being cryptic with out any connection to the gameplay. The story is also incoherent and a lot of the story sequences are incredibly drawn out, long winded, confusing, and with no player interaction.

The Last Dogma: Impressions (Adventure, story driven, indie, gameplay, and review) The Last Dogma is a strange adventure game, that compares itself to the Stanley Parable. Does it compete?

The game is also plagued with technical hic ups, and poor presentation. There are parts of the game where the player can walk off the ledge of the map, visual glitches all over the place, and poor grammar and spelling just to name a few issues. The game also features a ridiculous menu system where you have to use the "F" keys to adjust your visual settings with the settings themselves vaguely labeled as anything useful. Also the game features inconsistent model quality and incredibly blurry textures when you get up close.

So I've pointed out a lot of issues with the game, is there anything at all redeeming about it? The Last Dogma is a one man project, so in that context some of the environmental design is actually pretty interesting, and sometimes even look quite good, as long as you don't get too close to anything. The game is also priced relatively low as well, at $7.00usd it's not an overly steep price for the most curious.

Overall The Last Dogma falls flat on almost every aspect. Inconsistent visuals, technical bugs, and presentation quality are all issues, but the one aspect that takes the cake is the lack of gameplay and the incoherent story.

- Some interesting environmental design
- Reasonable asking price

- Incoherent themes and story
- Lacks gameplay
- Short
- Buggy
- poor presentation


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