Spectra: Quick Look (Score Attack, Racing, Indie game)

Spectra is a flashy cyber punk score attack game that features simple mechanics, but challenging gameplay.

The game's premise is pretty simple. Keep your ship on the track, steer it away from danger, and collect points. Hit an obstacle and you lose your current score chain. The game focuses more on the score attack aspect than actually completing the track, though for obvious reasons, completing a track gives the player more opportunity to build his or her score. There's 10 tracks total, and a hardcore version of them as well, offering the player a decent amount of gameplay.

Visually the game looks great, with a cyberpunk, almost Tron aesthetic. The music and audio are great as well, with fantastic upbeat chiptunes that fit right into the game's atmosphere. Presentation wise, I have no complaints.

Though the game is simple, yet challenging, it does suffer a little from monotony. Though each progressing track get harder and harder, it's really more of the same, but with more obstacles, or an extra turn. As far as variety is concerned, the game lacks in the department.

Overall, Spectra is a very easy to learn, yes hard to master game. It has a nice polished presentation, and ideal for the who like score attack games, or as a distraction from your more main staple games.

- Polished presentation
- accessible
- Challenging Gameplay

- Repetitive


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