Postal 2 Paradise Lost: Impressions

Postal 2 Paradise Lost is an expansion to an eleven year old game. Not often this happens but I think it was a pretty interesting and a smart idea by Running with Scissors. Postal 2 was definitely their greatest hit, and with Postal Three being panned by both critics and fans a like, Paradise Lost proves to be a worth wild experiment.

Paradise Lost being an expansion to an eleven year old game, there's going to be some issues that comes with that. The most obvious one is the visuals. Since it's not a remaster, It definitely looks dated. Also, since it's an expansion, it needs to remain consistent to it's base game. Because of this, it uses eleven year old design philosophy. There's no iron sights, no reload, and the player can carry what seems to be a fright truck's worth of inventory. To newer gamer's this might actually be a charming factor, as games today simply don't feature what feels like dinosaur mechanics. Though it comes with a cost, which is the overall gameplay. The gun play is obviously lacking, and if you don't voluntarily cause mayhem as you play, it does turn into something of a walking simulator.

With all that said, luckily for the game, the gameplay and visuals are probably not the incentive for most who would be interested. What Postal 2 Paradise Lost does well is it's humor, and the amount of room it gives the player to goof off. Although it's not required to cause chaos as you play, Postal 2 Paradise Lost fills the world with open levels and a ton of tools and NPCs for the player to play around with. The game gives the player a huge amount of inventory space to give incentive to play in the sandbox. Wasting a few rockets for no reason carry little penalties as sequences where you'll require the lost ammo to accomplish a boss fight, is often littered around those areas. The tools provided for the player to play with are as absurd as the concept of the game. Diseased cow heads, hedge clippers, a d!ldo grenade, hell, you can even unzip your pants, and urinate on people to "stun" your opponents, causing them to vomit in place.

The game also features a no apology approach to black comedy. It's not afraid to poke fun at touchy subjects, make jokes that the more sensitive would find offensive, and simply put, is lewd, crude, and rude. For any one who's sick of all the politically correct games out there, Postal 2: Paradise lost will be a nice refresher. It's also really interesting to see the Postal brand of humor being applied to more current themes and subjects. When you see a certain famous journalist prancing around the game that's eleven years old, it's almost a surreal feeling. Just a PSA though: If you ARE one who has a steak of being offended by entertainment, stay away. Stay away for the sake of your own sanity.

Overall Postal 2 Paradise Lost is a hilarious trip down memory lane. It keeps to the spirit of the original Postal 2, and succeeds in reproducing the magic that captivated audiences those eleven years ago. Those who like their comedy raunchy, and their gameplay chaotic, Paradise Lost will not disappoint.

- Hilariously offensive
- Tons of room and tools to experiment with in causing mayhem
- Charismatic characters and story
- Captures the essence of the original Postal 2

- Dated Graphics
- Dated Mechanics
- Not for every one


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