No Time to Explain Remastered: Quick Look

No Time to Explain is a comedic puzzle platformer that features ridiculous amounts of "rocket jumping". You have an extremely powerful and exaggerated laser, though sometimes the game will change it up with different weapons, such as an equally powerful and exaggerated shotgun. Rather than using these weapons to combat creeps, you'll be using them to traverse and solve the level.

The mechanics are simple and easily understood. You can move left and right, jump, aim, shoot, and do a little jig (there is a dance button. Why? Reasons). It's really just that simple. You'll be using the game's weapon that it provides to work out a solution to the end of the map, with the map and the game's physics itself as your adversaries. As mentioned before, there are no mobs to fight (at least from what I've played). The only combat that I've experienced so far, with almost 2 hours in, is the boss fights them selves. The puzzles are satisfying and the map designs are smart, but I do feel the game could of gained rather than detracted if it threw in a few combat scenarios. It feels almost like a waste, that the player can't use these impressive weapons in more meaningful ways, other than traversing. Luckily, the puzzle and platforming aspect is quite well done and serves well as the game's main dish.

The presentation is a little simplistic but it does the job. It goes with a flash cartoon look, something similar to say Castle Crashers, but the characters and animation has a charming appeal to it. The game's focus on comedy really helps out with it's overall feel and atmosphere. It's probably not the best looker of the year, but there's something really lovable about the characters and the animation.

Overall, No Time to Explain is an interesting take on the puzzle platform genre, with smart level design, charming animations, and ridiculous weaponry. I can safely say, I've enjoyed my time with the game.

- Charming and comedic characters and animation
- The weapons feel very powerful
- Smart map design

- Under utilizes the awesome weapons


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