Feist: Quick Look

Feist is a heavily stylized 2D platformer. It features a great looking art design with physics based platforming. You don't have a default attack, but you'll be able to pick up and push objects in the environment to keep foes at bay, and to solve puzzles.

The mechanics are very simple and because of this, Feist is a fairly accessible game. It's not a hard game to pick up and play on a whim. Though it's design is minimalist, the game is quite challenging. There were a few segments where I felt relatively frustrated. Some times the solution isn't immediately clear, or the game suddenly spikes in it's difficulty. Trial and error will be key to success.

The art, audio, and overall presentation is gorgeous. Strong silhouettes, and a pleasant colour pallet really help sell the game's look. The audio also adds a ton to the atmosphere and is quite easy on the ears.

Feist overall is a pretty enjoyable platformer. A few frustrating moments, and the mechanics are fairly simple, but it has it's charm, and I found it fairly satisfying.

- Great art design and audio
- Good use of the game's physics
- Some interesting puzzle segments

- Some parts frustrating
- Very basic mechanics


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