Turmoil: Quick Look

To break Turmoil down quickly, it's a business oil tycoon simulation, that distills sim mechanics to the basics.

In Turmoil, the game feature upgrade options to better your oil drilling business while competing with other tycoons for land and resources. The goal is to make as much money as possible, as you would expect from these kinds of games. 

The mechanics are simple enough. You have a town phase, where each tycoon get an opportunity to upgrade and buy new equipment, get loans from banks, and even do some underhanded business dealings, bribing prominent members of the community. Once that's set, each tycoon will bid on their plot of land, each tycoon can out bid each other, if there's a valuable plot available, adding an extra layer of competitiveness. Once all the pre planning is complete, you'll head out and start digging for oil. 

Digging for Oil is very simple. Just hire some dossers to find hidden plots of oil, then lay down some drills to start digging. Hire some horse and buggy to transport your oil to what ever company is paying the most. The strategy is a mix of hide and seek, as you look for more oil plots, and business management, as it requires a delicate balance of profit, time, and costs.

Turmoil's visuals are definitely bright and cheery, but it does have a distinct frontier look, with an audio to match. It's of a fairly simple design, with a minimalist art design. It might not be appreciated by all gamers, but I found it to be charming.

Turmoil is fairly addictive, and found there to be a decent amount of content to play through, but I did find it a bit repetitive. Each excursion plays almost exactly the same, with only your purchased upgrades making any difference. Once you find a groove, a set of actions you find most efficient, you'll be sticking to the same strategy through out the game. 

Turmoil overall was a pretty fun romp. A great little simulation game to break away from other main staples of the genre. Though the game can get repetitive, it does offer a decent serving for the player.

- A decent size game
- Simple and easy to learn

- Repetitive


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