Hatred: Impressions

Hatred is an isometric shooter where you play as a psychopath who's out to murder thousands of people. The premise is simple, but also the very thing that garnered the game so much attention. The game plays well enough, and it's quite violent, but at the same time, I feel the media has made the game out to be worst than it actually is.

Each level of Hatred will provide it's own challenge and goals, many are quite linear, but there are missions where it takes a more open world sandbox approach. As far as gameplay goes, it's your standard issue isometric shooter. You can run, perform executions to replenish your HP, crouch, pick up new weapons, etc, basically, standard fare. One thing Hatred introduces to this genre is the idea of killing innocent NPCs. In other games where the option to kill innocent NPCs are made available, they rarely give the player any incentive to partake in the action, but Hatred doesn't just give incentive, it makes it the main point. The issue with this is, shooting NPCs that can't fight back is really boring! After a while, the police, swat, and military will show up, which makes the game a lot more enjoyable and interesting, but there are some missions where a large portion of it, is rather dull, gunning down hundreds of unarmed NPCs that offer no challenge what so ever.

Artistically the game has it nailed down. It's heavily stylized with it's black and white aesthetics. Pops of red and blue are the only colors that line the game. The lighting and environments look great, brooding and gritty, very appropriate to the atmosphere. Hatred also features a low, brooding sound track, that never over powers, but adds a ton to the mood. It also features a physics engine that is sure to impress, as gun fire breaks away the walls that surround you. It's a great looking game! But be aware, the game can be buggy at times with NPCs flipping out, cars floating in the air, and other weird oddities.

For all it's controversy, Hatred is not the worst on the market. Mortal Kombat is gorier, Hotline Miami is more violent, and Postal 2 was more psychotic. The ONLY thing that set Hatred apart from the other games mentioned is that you play as a the villain that takes place in a (some what) realistic world. Basically, Hatred is controversial by concept only, the content of the game really isn't even a quarter as disturbing as the media would have you believe.

Overall Hatred is a competent isometric shooter that has an edgy theme to it. The gameplay itself is nothing special or revolutionary but does the trick. The controversy surrounding this game is way overblown, and dosn't deserve the AO rating (M would be appropriate). At the end of the day, Hatred isn't bad, but it's nothing special either.

- Great looking style
- Competent gameplay
- Challenging (Once the police shows up)

- Does nothing new or special in terms of gameplay
- Shooting NPCs that don't fight back can get boring.

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