Axiom Verge: Impressions

Axiom Verge takes classic Metroidvania gameplay and brings it into the modern age while keeping true to it's inspiration.

Axiom Verge has all the trappers of classic games from this genre. Tons of weapons and items to be found, hidden treasures tucked away in breakable walls, and an emphasis on map exploration and item experimentation. The game captures the spirit of it's inspirations perfectly. While playing Axiom Verge I was instantaneously brought back to my youth, shooting at every wall I saw, hoping for a new rocket upgrade. It loosk, and plays, exactly like old Metroid or Castlevania games, while managing to keep itself feeling too much like a carbon copy. The game also seem to be quite lengthy as well. I've played over 4.5 hours and my save file says I've only unlocked 29% of the game and 18% of the items, which suggest I still have a lot of game left.

The game's art design is fantastic. The pixel art is crisp and sharp, perfectly rendered for modern hardware, while it retains it's classic 8-16bit style. Unlike other pixel indie games, where the pixel art are often more of an artistic interpenetration of the classics classic than a representation of it's inspirations, Axiom Verge is a true representation of what classic pixels could look today. The game also features a fantastic sound track that is well suited to the atmosphere and it's overall presentation is simply perfectly conceptualized to reflect the game's retro heritage.

If I was to critique the game for any thing (which I will of course), I would say the weapon balance is a bit off. Out of the 5 weapons I currently have I only use 2 regularly. The other weapons feel like fluff, to boost the game's list of features with out having much merit when in practice. I also find the game's death penalty to be rather light since there's no limit on lives or continue, and no currency to lose, it simply just send you back to your last save point. The penalty for death is so light, that it can often be abused as a short cut, killing yourself to reach a point of the map with out having to run back.

Overall Axiom Verge is a fantastic retro throwback to a time gone by, and it does it while modernizing it for current players with out sacrificing the spirit of it's inspirations. Axiom Verge is a very easy recommendation for any one interested in playing a modern retro game.

- Plays very well, and very true to it's retro inspirations
- Large game!
- Great pixel art and sound track
- Lots of secrets to uncover

- Unbalanced weapons
- Death Penalty too light and exploitable

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Axiom Verge hours played: 4.5

Completion Status on Axiom Verge: Incomplete

This copy of Axiom Verge was purchased on Steam.


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