Trine 3 The Artifacts of Power: Quick Look

Trine 3 is still in early access, so the content will be limited. This is the first thing I want people to understand.
The game takes what the Trine series have already established, creative puzzles and level design, gorgeous graphics, and entertaining co-op gameplay, and then add in a new dimension, more specifically, the third dimension. Unlike it's predecessors, in Trine 3 you can move in and out of the background on all X, Y, and Z axis.

The additional dimension will evoke new puzzle elements and a new way to think about puzzling and platforming. It's really hard to say if this is to the serie's benefit or detriment at this point simply because there's not enough of the game to really judge that quite yet. As mentioned before, Trine 3 is in early access, and as of this impression (v0.04 Build 2882) there's only the first 2 chapters, 2 challenge levels, and a sandbox map. There's only about 1.5 hours of gameplay, and because of the lack of content at the moment, it's very difficult to judge if the new dimension adds, or detract from the classic formula.

What I can say from the brief amount of gameplay I've experienced, is that the presentation and aesthetics is top shelf quality, the controls feel responsive, the puzzles (so far) are satisfying with out being too frustrating, and it was a joy to play. I'd just like to see a lot more of it.

For fans of the Trine series, Trine 3 seem to be shaping up to be of a great quality, but once again, be aware there is VERY limited amount of content so far. The game also suffers from some optimization issues as well, but overall it's on the right path.

$20 might be asking for a little much for what's currently available, but I would suggest at the very least, adding this to your watch list, and check it out again when it's in it's final release. It definitely is showing a lot of promise.

- Gorgeous aesthetics
- Easy to learn
- Creative puzzles and level design

- Not enough content currently (v0.04 Build 2882)
- Needs optimization

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