Sym: Quick Look

Sym is an interesting puzzle platformer that utilizes both the negative and positive space in the level design.

You'll be trying to get from point A to point B, but there are multiple dangers and obstacles to over come in each map. From dangerous saws to man eating plants, there is a fair amount of things to avoid. But other than dangerous obstacles, the game will require the player to think about using both the positive and negative space to traverse the world. If you find a ledge too high, go into the negative space where gravity is also reversed. Through that, you'll be able to reach platforms that would otherwise be unreachable. It's a bit of a fresh take on puzzle platformers, and the positive / negative space mechanic is smartly designed.

Aesthetically the game has a very interesting style. Every thing is rendered in a black and white, almost pencil sketch look, with a very surreal design behind it. The music is pleasant and suiting to the armosphere. It's a pretty good looker with out stressing out your machine.

Though Sym is a pretty satisfying puzzler with some unique ideas, it's not perfect. There are some serious quality of life issues that needs to be addressed. The game feels like it would suit a gamepad perfectly, yet has no gamepad support what so ever. There's also minimal options for the player to tune, and the resolution isn't in proper 1080p. These issues feel like short comings and mar the overall quality to the game.

Overall Sym is an interesting puzzler with a unique look. The levels are satisfying to solve, though the game could use some better features and options.

- Unique positive / negative space mechanic
- Interesting surreal look
- Good soundtrack

- No gamepad support
- Poor options

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