Steredenn: Quick Look

Steredenn is a shmup (shoot'em up) with a very interesting idea. Let's throw some RNG (random) level into the mix! You'll be going through proceedrally generated levels shooting up bad guys and avoiding bullets in a tough as nails challenge level.

The game features wonderfully rendered pixel art, with a great metal sound track to add that additional bit of attitude. As far as presentation is concerned I have little to complain about.

Steredenn is pretty standard fare as far as shmups are concerned. Shoot things, don't get shot, get them pick ups, and don't die! What set Steredenn apart from it's competitors is it's RNG nature. Most shmups have consistent levels and encounters. It's often designed this way for this genre because shmups are traditionally a very player skill oriented genre, and consistency is often needed in skill orientated activities. Steredenn throws that out the window and offer replayablity over consistency, with new encounters each play through. 

Overall Steredenn is a very enjoyable shmup, with great aesthetics and sound, and I can't wait to see the game progress further.

- Excellent Pixel art presentation
- Great sound track
- RNG makes this shmup a little unique
- Addictive and challenging

- Low on content
- RNG could make the learning curve more difficult than other shmups.

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Steredenn hours played at recording: 2

Completion Status on Steredenn: Incomplete

This copy of Steredenn given by the developers for review


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