Republique Remastered: Impressions

Republique is an interesting take on the stealth genre. It mixes some point and click sensibilities with classic stealth and puzzle elements. All presented in a polished and expertly crafted world.

In Republique, you don't control the girl exactly, rather, you're a 3rd party entity that can control the cameras in the world, as well as any other electronic device. You'll be task to guide the girl through the game, through simple point and click commands, while having the ability to hack devices to your advantage. The fact that you see through the camera's perspective makes for some interesting gameplay. Being able to jump from camera to camera, allowing you to scout ahead of the girl for potential danger is one that's pretty fresh. Couple that with the hacking abilities and that it's a point and click, Republique has some fresh and interesting ideas for the stealth genre.

Though I did find the gameplay and stealth satisfying I think it's only fair I also mention that it's was also not the most challenging stealth game I've ever played. Because the girl is controlled mostly by an AI, with you serving only as a guide to her destination, I feel that the enemy AI has been scaled back in order to compensate. The enemy AI isn't the greatest, often missing the girl sneaking right next to them. But as mentioned before, due to the way the game was designed, this is some what understandable, but does come with a cost to the game's overall challenge level. For those who are really into stealth games, this could be perceived as a negative, but for those who are new to the genre, or like easier going games, this could be considered "accessible". How you feel about this will be very subjective.

Republique features some impressive visuals, taking full advantage of Unity 5's technology, and leaning on the team's professional background. The aesthetics are wonderfully designed, with expertly crafted models and textures, and lighting that would make Hollywood jealous. There's also some great voice over work with well known actors in the game industry. Presentation wise, I have little to no complaints about Republique. It's polished, it's professional, and it has a ton of style.

There's a lot to like about Republique but it's not perfect. The story of the game, with as little spoilers as possible, is one of a dystopian setting. It has all the classic elements, oppression, unreasonable mass surveillance, the lost of personal identity, hell it even has some book burning involved. I usually am a sucker for dystopian stories but I found Republique's to be rather cliche, offering very little new to the genre. I've played through ep 1-3 (whats currently available as of this impression) and it just repeats the same tropes that every one have seen a thousand times over in other dystopian tales. Even the characters in the game are weak with out much development. The story of the game was my biggest point of contention. Not necessarily because it was bad, but because it was incredibly average. I'm hoping that the future installments of ep. 4-5 will fix this issue, though I feel 1-3 was weak from a narrative stand point.

Republique overall is a strong and interesting entry into the stealth and point and click genre. If you're a fan of either of those types of games, I think Republique is worth checking out. It offers a lot of fresh ideas, and a polished to a shine presentation. If you're looking for an original and engrossing dystopian tale, Republique may disappoint, but because of how interesting and how high quality the other elements that make up Republique, I would still recommend checking it out if you have the chance.

- Professional quality presentation
- Unique and interesting ideas for both the point and click and stealth genre
- Accessible

- Cliche story
- Could be considered overly forgiving in challenge

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Republique Remastered hours played: 6

Completion Status on Republique Remastered: Complete (ep.1-3)

This copy of Republique Remastered was given by the developers for review.


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