Westerado Double Barreled: Impressions

Westerado is an interesting sandbox western adventure game. If you've played Red Dead Redemption it's along the lines of that, except more pixelleted. Like in Red Dead Redemption, the game offers an open world where you can interact with the people and the enviroments as you chose. You can explore the world and take on quests in any order you chose. You can even rob a bank, murder the towns folk, and accuse any one of hanous acts... or you might not. . It's totally up to you!

At the start of the game, you'll find your family murdered and your ranch burned down. The goal is to figure out who did it, and get your revenge. Here's the interesting twist, the bandit that wronged you could be any one, any NPC in the game. You'll be tasked with doing various missions to find clues to the masked bandit. As you find more clues that discribes differnt features, such as fat or skinny, color of his/her cloths, the type of hat s/he's wearing, you'll be able to accuse people of murder. You may accuse who ever you like and when ever, but if you're not sure, and you're wrong, the situation could turn south very quickly. Caution when accusing is suggested. You'll also be able to find more clues and hints through conversations with the townsfolks and though it does feature the usual "dialog choice A or B" design there is an additional option to draw your weapon in the middle of any conversation. Doing so could affect the out come. Besides talking to the locals and hunting down bandits, there are other mini games such as poker to help distract the player. The game has a vast open world for the player to discover, and offers a lot of content and things to do while adventuring.

Aesthetically I think the game looks wonderful. The game's pixel art does a great job detailing the game's enviroment. The color pallet is suiting and easy on the eyes, and there's a high degree of artestry being displayed here. The audio is equally worth praising, as it's full of memorable spegetti western themes.

The only part of Westerdo I would critique is how the game handles identifying the killer. The whole goal of the game is to identify a very spicific person with very spicific visual traits. Since the game is done in all pixel art, it could potentially make the task more difficult than it needs to be. There are tons of NPCs in the game, all looking quite differnt, but not THAT differnt, and telling the differnance NPC A's slighly taller hat than NPC B's could prove more challenging than need be. But to be fair, I haven't had that issue my self, but I can see it as a potential issue for some one else.

Over all Westardo is a wonderfully designed pixel open world western game, with a lot to like about it. The game is open not only in the world that you explore, but also in how the player explores it. Be a bandit, be a hero, it totally up to you. Either way, Westerdo is an easy recommendation.

- Well designed open world gameplay
- Very open to a variety of play styles (Be a bandit! be a hero!)
- Great aesthetics and music
- Encourages replay

- Pixel style could make identifying the killer harder than needed
- Lacks extra features and options

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Westerado: Double Barreled hours played: 3.5

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