Victor Vran: Early Impressions

Victor Vran is an ARPG that has combat and twitch based action at the forefront. It has some interesting systems in play, such as your main skills are attached to your weapons. Since you can take 2 weapons into combat at any given time, it basically allows the player to take 2 sets of skills into combat, switching to maximize DPS and cool downs. Couple this with the ability to dodge we have an ARPG that's very much focused on the A part of ARPG.

Victor Vran has a lot going for it. It has great visuals and audio, a stream lined build system where it still allows for a great degree of customization, and an action focused, and very enjoyable combat. But since the game is in early access, all of it's current flaws lay with this fact. There's no narrative or a proper campaign currently, a lot of models, items, and mobs are reused, and the progression of the game is excruciatingly dragged out. I attribute all of these flaws to it being in early access. I feel the biggest flaw is the slow progression. I have over 7 hours pumped into Victor Vran and barely leveled above level 10. It almost feels like the developers artificially inflated the amount of gold and xp needed to progress in order to hide the lack of content the game current suffers from. It just doesn't feel rewarding and I stopped out of boredom.

Sure I have my complaints but almost all of them are tied into it being in early access. The fantastic combat and how polished every thing feels is my best indication that Victor Vran isn't a lost cause. In fact I highly recommend people to keep an eye on this one. I'm hoping that once it's fully released it'll be something really special. As mentioned before, the game has a lot going for it. The Combat and character build systems in place already are very strong and very enjoyable. The presentation is eye catching and polished, it just needs to be done. There simply just needs to be a lot more of these things.

Overall Victor Vran is an interesting ARPG that has a lot of promise, but in it's current state there simply just not enough of it. Keep an eye on this one.

- Polished Visuals and audio
- Fun combat and character build design
- Accessible and easy to get into

- Feels very incomplete
- Drawn out progression
- Lacks story or a proper campaign (currently)

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Victor Vran hours played: 7

Completion Status on Victor Vran: Incomplete

This copy of Victor Vran was given for review by the developers.


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