Ubermosh: Quick Look

Ubermosh is a pretty simple game. Jump into it, use your giant blade to kill your foes and to reflect their bullets back at them. Pick up weapons from fallen enemies and use it to your advantage. Get as much kills as possible with'n the game's time limit with out dying, rinse, improve your score, and repeat.

Aesthetically I don't have much complaints. I like the pixel art and the sound track is amazing, it might be my favorite part of the game and hope to see the OST released for sale in the future.

Ubermosh isn't very expensive, about $2.00 USD, and the content reflect the price. There's not a whole lot here, no multiplayer, no extra modes or features, it's just going to be score attack over and over again. Luckily for us, what is here currently is great! The combat is a lot of fun and well designed. It's challenging with a high skill ceiling, and as mentioned before, the music is amazing. Ubermosh is currently in early access, so that could explain the lack of content, but hopefully we'll see much more added to the game as I feel like it has a lot of potential.

Overall Ubermosh has a lot of promise. The combat is exciting, the music is fantastic, and the challenge is enjoyable, I just want to see a lot more of all these things in the near future.

- Great visuals and audio, especially the music
- Very reasonable price ($2.00 USD)
- Fun combat

- Needs a lot more content

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