State of Decay: YOSE Day One Edition: Impressions and Graphics Comparison

State of Decay was a fantastic open world zombie survival game when it was originally released on Xbox Live, but when it was ported to the PC it suffered from multiple problems. Bugs, and poor resolution were some of the most notable issues. Fortunately the core game was so good, many people including myself were willing to forgo any problems that it had, and enjoyed it any ways. What a great idea it is to "remaster" the original! The question though, is Year One remastered enough to justify a $30USD price tag?

If you've already played or own the original game is it worth $30? Short answer: NO.

Yes, the lighting have been improved significantly, and the texture quality is better, but other than that, there's not much new here. Sure, there are also some extra minor characters added, and now cars have decal (whoopie...), but every thing else about the game is exactly the same. The game advertises improved animations, and combat mechanics, yet I notice little changed about these 2 things. If there have been any changes, they're so tiny, it's barely noticeable. The two biggest improvements are the lighting and texture quality, both could of easily been added as a patch. There are no other notable additions, the model quality is exactly the same, there are no new modes to play, no new areas, no new quests, nothing for returning players.

If this was advertised as the definitive State of Decay collection, I would be fine with it. Lots of games like Boarderlands repackage old games into compilations for the benefit for new players, but this was advertised as a remastering. Even the description of the game mislead old fans to believe that there are a ton of new stuff here, when there aren't. Worst off, the most noticeable improvements, lighting, texture quality, and true 1080p, are things that should be been in place when they launched their original port! But instead they decided to charge it to us, as a lazy excuse of a remaster. If you're a returning player to the game, Year One is nothing more than a glorified update patch.

Luckily for us, the original is absolutely a stellar survival game, and since they changed nearly nothing about it, it remains a stellar survival game. If you are new to State of Decay, this might be a good time to get into the game, and perhaps Year One is suitable for the new comers. For old time fans who have already played, or own State of Decay, don't bother. It's not worth your money unless you have enough disposable income to justify it. But even then, the practice of selling what amounts to a patch for $30 and misleading old players to think that there are a ton of new stuff when there's not, is not a practice that I can condone.


  • Still the same, great State of Decay game
  • Suitable for any one NEW to the game


  • For returning players, there isn't much new
  • $30 for what amount to a patch is unconscionable
  • Neither combat or animation have been improved enough to justify it being in the description
  • The original was a lazy port, Year One is a lazy remastering


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