Square Heroes: Quick Look

Square Heroes is an multiplayer focused arena game where you take control of a square (literally) as it floats around the arena, taking out NPC enemies to collect the coins out of them. With more coins collected, you'll automatically upgrade your arsenal through out the match. You'll then take that newly earned arsenal and blast your player controlled enemies for points! It's an easy to get into multiplayer game that has a fair amount things to collect and upgrade as you play.

The game features a cartoony aesthetic with hilariously expressive characters, with a vibrant and bright color pallet. It also offers a variety of game modes to play through, such as death match, team death match, capture points, and survival. There's also lots of incentive to replay as you can upgrade your weaponary, as well as earning new cosmetic items to add in that extra spice of flavor.

The game is definitely multiplayer focused. The single player that is available is little more than a basic tutorial to teach you the game's mechanics. The single player in the game to be honest isn't all that engaging, it's all about shooting your friends and strangers online. That's where the potential problems may come. Though the game itself is quite fun when playing with real people, it can be difficult finding any one online to play it. From my experience with the game on day one of it's release, I've had over a dozen games and only about 2-3 of those games had actual players in them. The majority of my experience were with bots. This isn't really a negative point on the game itself, but is something people need to be aware of before investing money into Square Heroes. If you have a group of friends who are willing to all get the game, you'll have fun. If this impression is incorrect by the time you read this, and the game explodes in it's player base, then you'll have fun. BUT if the game still has the same population online when I played it, it can get a little boring playing with bots 80-90% of the time

Overall Square Heroes has some interesting ideas, my favorite being the arms race in the beginning to mid portion of any given match, and can be a whole lot of fun with some friends or strangers you'll meet online. But be aware, the game is relatively mundane when playing with bots, and from my experience with it, there were more bots than players online. I really hope that changes because I think Square Heroes has some real potential

- The arms race mechanic is very interesting and a lot of fun
- Lots to collect and upgrade
- Very accessible and easy to learn
- Good aesthetics

- (from my experience) low online population
- Might be too simple for some

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Square Heroes hours played at recording: 2.5

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