Killing Floor 2: Early Impressions

Killing Floor 2 is the much anticipated sequel to one of the best online co-op FPS game out there. Killing Floor 2 does much of what the first does, but bigger, higher res, and damn bloodier!

You'll be going round from round with upto 6 players online battling zombies, mutants, and all sorts of nastiness. The game currently have 4 classes, or as the game calls them "perks", and they vary from berserker, medic, commando, and support. Each class can specialize in their respective roles through a simple skill tree. The game state it will have up to 10 playable classes once the game is finalized. In between each round you'll get the opportunity to upgrade your arsenal and to refill on essentials such as ammo and armor. The formula hasn't changed much from the first game, and it's pretty simple to grasp the concept.

In terms of visuals and audio Killing Floor 2 over shadow the original by a mile. It's a huge improvement with exceptionally good looking environments and enemies, and the soundtrack of the game is simply amazing. It features some of the rockingest metal that has ever metaled, well suited to a game like Killing Floor 2.

Another nice improvement from the first Killing Floor is the way the guns handle. Each gun and it's bullets will have physics attached to them, how you shoot your weapon, standing, crouched, while moving, etc, will affect how it'll shoot. The recoil feels realistic, the bullet physics feel right, it's on par if not above what modern military shooters have to offer. This is welcomed! A game like Killing Floor 2 could of easily gotten away with a much simpler design in gun mechanics, but it went above and beyond expectations and the game benefits greatly from it.

Though the game is a lot of fun at the moment it's not perfect. It being in early access also means not all the content is released yet. Since the game demand the player to play it over and over again, doing pretty much the same thing, the player could potentially feel the burn quicker than if it wasn't in early access. Currently there's only 4/10 classed available, not all traits, characters, maps, guns, game modes, and enemies have been implemented, meaning the content that currently available is limited. With limited amount of things to try and experiment with, the game runs the danger of getting monotonous faster than it would of otherwise. This is simply speculation as I've pumped in over 10 hours so far and have yet to feel the monotony burn quite yet. But I can see the potential for it and I think it's worth mentioning.

Overall Killing Floor 2 is a bloody joy to play, even in it's early access form, and will only get better as the game slowly move towards it's final Build.

- Highly improved graphics, audio, and gun play from the original
- Still one of the best online co-op FPS available
- High skill ceiling, yet easy to understand
- Feels polished and playable for an early access

- The missing content from it being in early access could make monotony an issue

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Killing Floor hours played (Including beta): 10

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This copy of Killing Floor 2 was given for review by the developers.


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