Cities Skylines: Quick Look

Cities Skyline gives the player everything you would expect from a proper modern city builder game. It has expansive maps, detailed cities and population, intricate micro management, yet it's accessible and easy to pick up.

Graphically the game is a looker. With detailed models, atmospheric filtering effects, and all the little things happening when you zoom in, the game look and feels alive. The audio design is immersive with the hustle and bustle of the crowds and traffic pulling the player in. Though the music seems over dramatic and on default settings it's strangely loud, but it does the job at keeping the player company.

Mechanically the game can get deep when you learn all the details, yet the basics to get going is pretty easy. With that said, the game still requires a degree of self research as all the finer details in it's mechanics aren't always fully explained.

Overall Cities: Skylines is a very enjoyable city builder, and at it's core, every thing I wanted from a modern Sim City.

- Easy to learn
- Lots of fine detail to micromanage
- Great looking, very immersive
- Supports mods
- Huge map to build on

- Finer detail mechanics aren't always explained well
- Some quality of life issues could use smoothing out

Cities: Skyline hours played at recording: 22
Completion Status on Cities Skyline: N/A
This copy of Cities: Skyline was purchased on Steam

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