Captain Forever Remix: Early Impressions

Captain Forever Remix melds the idea of perma death and random generation from the roguelike games and the customization of ship builder games. An interesting hybrid, one that I feel worked out!

When you first jump into the game you'll be able to do a quick build of your ship from an assortment of different starting kits. Each kit will have their own type of blocks, and already in it's early access form, there is a large variety of blocks and gizmos to discover and build out of. Once the ship is ready to go, you'll head out into space to do battle with other ships. If you managed to destroy the enemy, what parts they had left over you'll be able to scavenge and use for your own ship to grow it in power and performance. But be aware, this game is all real time, so you'll have to quickly attach parts, often while under enemy fire. This help keep the game feeling frantic, and multitasking skills will be tested.

The controls of the game will take some getting used to. The game has a physics system that takes into account your ship's weight, balance, and inertia. Because of this, depending on how you build your ship, it can move very sluggish, and can feel floaty. But once you get adjusted and can factor it's physics you'll be sailing the 7 galaxies in no time!

The visuals and audio is just fantastic in this game. I love the cartoon style, and the audio is great as well. Wonderful music with all the appropriate beeps and boops that you would expect.

I don't have too much negatives to point out about the game so far (this is a good thing of course), but I do have a couple of suggestions. Though the game works perfectly fine as a single player game, I can also envision this game as multiplayer and imagine it to be a lot of fun! Shooting each other's parts off, building from your enemy's ships. I think the game would be well suited for it. Of course, at this time it is only single player, and I don't think there is any plans for multiplayer, but it is something I would love to see in Captain Forever Remix.

Overall, Captain Forever Remix is an interesting blend of genres that looks great, plays great, and really taps into the player's creativity when constructing a ship. For an early access, the game feels very complete and polished.

- Great visual and audio design
- Fun, creative, and challenging
- Accessible and easy to learn
- Feels very complete and polished for an early access

- Could use a better options menu
- Lacks extra features

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Captain Forever Remix hours played: 4

Completion Status on Captain Forever Remix: Incomplete

This copy of Captain Forever Remix was given for review by the developers.


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