Soul Axiom: Quick Look

Impression written and recorded on version: UPDATE #08

Soul Axiom is a first person puzzle adventurer that is shrouded in mystery. The game features wonderfully designed visuals and inventive puzzles.

There isn't much of a written narrative, rather the story unfolds through a series of events. You'll be going from level to level once you gain access to the game's main hub, and each level is almost like it's own puzzle. You have multiple powers to help you through your journey, and they vary in abilities. One allows you to disintegrate and reform objects, and another allows you to move and freeze objects in place, while more abilities will be coming in later versions. With these simple powers the developers have created some very inventive puzzles from what I've seen, often requiring creative thinking and a combination of all your powers to solve.

The game is a looker too. It's stylized very well, features great lighting and a color pallet that is easy on the eyes. The sound design is of equal quality as well. As far as Aesthetics is concerned, I have no complaints, it's simply a great looking and sounding game.

Soul Axiom is currently in Early access. I find this type of game kind of awkward as an early access. There is a lot to like about Soul Axiom already, but since this game has a start to finish, narratively speaking, it is noticeably incomplete. As you start immersing yourself into the wonderful atmosphere the developers have created, you'll reach a point where the game just stops, telling you to wait for the next update. An abrupt and immersion breaking reminder that, this is a game... an incomplete game.

Overall Soul Axiom shows a lot of promise with great visual design and intriguing puzzles, but because of it's incomplete state, I would suggest waiting for this game to be out of early access before making the purchase. Playing so far and having the game abruptly end until the next update almost feel like a spoiler to what otherwise, a very enjoyable experience.

- Great visual design
- Excellent atmosphere
- Inventive Puzzle design

- Feels noticeably incomplete currently
- Puzzle difficulty vary wildly

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