Savage Lands: Early Impressions

Savage Lands attempts to blend RPG with open world sandbox survival. You'll be struggling to look for food, shelter, and assorted materials for crafting like most other survival games, but within an RPG setting. You'll be facing off against dire wolves, skeletons and dragons just to name a few.

The concept of melding RPG with survival seem so obvious, and being a fan of both genres, I'm happy to see Digital DNA taking a shot at it. The survival mechanics would be something I would compare to The Forest, chopping down trees, and crafting your own little village while fending off monsters. It pulls it off quite well, even at this early state of it being on Early Access. There are plenty of things to craft and a fair amount of wild life and monsters to hunt. While the survival aspect is done relatively well, the RPG elements that it tries to fuse does leave the player wanting. There's no XP to gain, not many stats to min-max, no story to speak of, or characters skills to customize. Basically if you're looking for an RPG experience, you might be disappointed. The best way to look at Savage Lands is to think of it purely as a survival game in an RPG setting.

Visually it goes with a realistic aesthetic. It's not overly unique looking, but does the job. It does show a degree of graphic fidelity, as the landscape is well populated with foliage, and at certain time of the day, the lighting can impress. The game also shows a weather system and a day night cycle that's done pretty well as far as visuals are concerned. It's nothing too memorable, but it's not too hard on the eyes either.

Overall, Savage Lands shows potential and is already quite playable. Mechanically it might not be the most original game in the world, but it is very competent in what it's trying to achieve. Don't go in expecting an RPG experience, instead, expect a survival experience and I think many would enjoy what it has to offer.

- Survival gameplay in an RPG environment can be very interesting to explore
- Stable, playable, and enjoyable from right on launch
- Lots to craft

- RPG elements are weak
- Combat uninspired

Savage Lands: Early Impressions (Early Access RPG sandbox survival, gameplay and review)

Savage Lands is an Early Access open world sandbox survival game with some RPG elements. How does Savage Lands compare to it's competitors? Is the RPG melding of Savage Lands enough to set it apart from other survival games of the genre? We take a look at all of that and more in this Savage Lands impression!

The "Impressions" series is created to analyse and critique games to let you folks know what it's all about, and if it's worth the asking price. We record our commentary live, and feature full, unedited footage to give you a natural, and honest perspective into the game.

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