Resident Evil Revelations 2 - FULL CAMPAIGN (revisited)

When I originally played RE:Rev2's first episode on PC< it was a buggy mess. Frame drops, crashes, there were problems. Now that the whole game is released in it's entirety I'm glad to see Capcom have fixed many of the problems that plagued the game at the start.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 put you in the shoes of Claire and Berry, fan favorites from the classic era of Resident Evil. You're joined by Moira, and Natalia as secondary characters, who help you find hidden objects and to solve puzzles. The buddy system is something I'm not a huge fan of. The AI isn't great, and often stand around and take damage. From a mechanics perspective I wasn't a fan of having an AI partner the whole game.

Luckily for us, the poor AI partner doesn't do much to sully the overall experience. The game is well paced, and throws you into scenarios and presents elements that might be reminiscent to older Resident Evils, something that I really enjoyed. The story is also something I really liked about Revelations 2. Though I feel Moira and Natalia to be something of a chore to play with, they are welcomed additions in terms of narrative. These characters are less like super agents that are so prevalent in the RE series, and more human. You learn more about these 2 and how they're involved in the situation. They're also not shoe horned in, the story's main motivation is from these 2 new chanters. The Story of Rev2 also explores a bit of the series origins which was something else I appreciated.

The game also offers a lot of value as well. For $25 you can expect around 12 or so hours in the main campaign, then an additional 2-3 hours in the bonus campaign. Then there's also raid mode and unlockables which has potentially unlimited play. This is not a bad deal purely from a value proposition.

I feel like the game being released episodically overall hurt REV2 in the end. The first episode was by far the most uneventful and it was pleagued with technical issues. If Capcom released the game in full, and in an optimized state that it is today, I feel like there would of been much more excitement for Rev2, and more positive reviews. Capcom literally put their worst foot forward on this one. It's a shame because the game as a whole is actually quite enjoyable.

- Well paced campaign
- Great story (for RE standards)
- Great bang for your buck (good value)

- Poor AI
- Releasing this game in chunks (IMO) hurt it in the end.

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