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Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the second entry to the Revelations series. This time around you'll be taking control of Claire Redfield of RE2, and Barry of RE1. Unlike other Resident Evils, this one is episodic and this first episode will run you around 2-4 hours depending on how you'll play. Both campaign of Claire and Berry are relatively similar in length.

While playing as Claire you'll also be joined by Moira, Barry's daughter, and while playing as Barry you'll be joined by Natalia, a mysterious little girl who he runs into. Both campaigns you'll be playing as 2 characters at once, allowing the player to switch when ever s/he wants. Berry and Claire will be the offensive characters that will be doing the majority of the shooting, while Moira can provide support through locating hidden objects with a flash light, as well as blinding enemies with it as well. Natalia will serve the purpose of getting into smaller areas and the strange ability to locate enemies through walls. Though it's an interesting idea to play as 2 characters at once, the game has some issues executing this mechanic well. The AI controlled partner isn't all that smart, often times taking hits unnecessarily, or at worst, standing around doing nothing at all. Couple the poor AI with the fact that the game didn't launch with online co-op and we have some frustrating moments. The partner system in this game is something I kind of wish they didn't include.

The game is also riddled with technical problems. Frame drops, raid mode not loading for some people with out switching Steam to offline mode, assorted bugs, odd AI behavior, it's sort of a technical mess to be honest. Luckily these issues can be patched out, and hopefully in the near future Capcom will address these serious issues with the PC port.

For fans of the first Revelations who enjoyed the simplification of it's mechanics, bringing it back to how it felt in the RE4 days, Revelations 2 may disappoint. It suffers some of the same issues as RE6, in that the game feels much too actiony, and a lot less like the classic REs. It's like Capcom forgot why people enjoyed Revelations 1 in the first place, and is repeating the same mistakes made in RE6.

Luckily for us it's not all doom and gloom. There are aspects of RE:Rev2 that is very enjoyable. The story is one of the better ones to come out of the Resident Evil Series. Moira is a welcome addition to the RE cast of characters, as she's a flawed, innocent, young girl, who was in unwittingly thrown into a dire situation. The game explores the personal conflicts of each character, especially Moira and for the first time in a long time in RE, the series shows some real character depth in it's story. The game's raid mode, though a bit buggy at the moment, is very enjoyable. It'll feature an enjoyable progression system that's almost Diablo-like where you'll be grinding for XP, skill points, and random loot. It has a ton of potential for replay and it also includes a bunch of enemy types and maps that are exclusive to just raid mode. It's a fun distraction from the main campaign, and you can clearly tell the devs have sunk a lot of time and love into it's design.

Overall I can't recommend RE:Rev2. There simply are just too much technical hitches, couple that with the lack of online co-op, and a partner system that feels more like a chore than fun, I feel this is a flawed entry into the series. It pains me as I write this as I am a huge RE fan, and have been looking forward to this game for a long time. Let's hope for a better second episode.

- Good Story, welcomed new additions to the RE cast
- Raid mode is fun (if you can get it working)
- Cheap price of entry (if you only want the first episode)

- A laundry list of technical flaws, from frame drops, to raid mode not launching
- Poorly implemented partner system
- Does not capture the same spirit of Revelations 1
- Repeats problems that RE:Zero and RE:6 has

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