Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number: Impressions

Before I start I want to mention that I've never played the first Hotline Miami, so this impression will be from some one who's new to the series, and have judged it under the game's own merit.

Hotline Miami 2 is a top-down perspective action game. If you've played the classic GTAs, you'll be quite familiar with this. Unlike GTA, the game isn't so much open world as it is mission to mission. You'll be brutally gunning down or beating up your enemies. But it's not quite as simple as holding down a trigger and win. The game is challenging where all it takes is one shot to end your game.

Hotline Miami's visual is of some of the best I've seen in pixel art. It's similar to what you might of seen from the 16 bit era, but refined to great detail. The game is brutal, violent, and gory, and it takes a lot of skill to represent that degree of grotesque in 16 bits, as the resolution doesn't leave the artist much room for error. The visuals are vibrant and all cohesively themed in an 80s retro style. It's gorgeous! The audio is of an equal quality with one of the best OST in recent memory.

Though a game like this, that feel quite arcady, can often get away with little to no story. Hotline Miami 2 takes the high road and offers an engrossing narrative that goes much deeper than a simple crime drama. With out spoilers, it goes into the delusional, and I'd compare it to the psychological thriller genre. But do be aware, it also explores some extremely dark and adult themes. This is not a game for children or those who are easily offended.

There's much to love about Hotline Miami 2, but it doesn't get away with out flaws that's worth pointing out. The game does have some bugs, not many, but some and when they appear, they're noticeable. Also the enemy AI, though passable, could be improved on, as they're not always reacting realistically.

Overall, Hotline Miami 2 is a great game that's worth every penny it's asking for. It's challenging, looks and sounds amazing, and brutally honest in it's story telling. I can not recommend this any more!

- Great visuals and audio
- Challenging and skillful gameplay
- Engrossing story
- Varied player classes to mix things up
- Addictive and satisfying

- Some bugs
- AI can react unrealistically at times

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