Sine Mora: Quick Look

Sine Mora is a gorgeous SHMUP with some interesting ideas. As you play through the game you'll get upgrades but if you get hit, instead of intent death like others in the genre, you lose those upgrades. The game does allow you a fair amount of time to regain them, as without any upgrades at all, you will get killed on the next hit. The real challenge is the timer. The timer is always ticking down, and only through clearing stages or killing enemies will it replenish. In a sense, the timer is your life bar.

Sine Mora is one of the best looking game in the genre. It features amazing art design, bright and vibrant colors, and cinematic lighting to really push it's visuals. The audio design is equally worth praising with a gret sound track that is appropriate for the game's setting.

Though Sine Mora explore some interesting ideas mechanically it's not the most challenging game in the genre. Don't get me wrong here, it's plenty difficult at times, but in comparison to others in the SHMUP category, it can be considered easier than them.

Overall Sine Mora is a great SHMUP with amazing visuals and some interesting mechanics. If you're a fan of the genre, this is a must play. An easy recommendation!

- Beautiful art and visuals
- Unique timer based SHMUP
- Accessible, but still offers a satisfying degree of challenge

- Hardcores to the genre may find Sine Mora less challenging than others in the genre

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