Overture: Quick Look

Overture distills RPG and Roguelike elements to it's core and pulls an addictive little game out of the mix. It's fast pace and though the mechanics are simple enough, it still manage to offer a fairly high skill ceiling experience.

You'll be entering a procedurally generated map where you'll be hacking, shooting, and casting against hordes of enemies. The bosses are often tough and offer a fair degree of variety in strategy. You'll also be collecting money and loot as you travel. Though your loot get reset with every play, the cash you collect carry on, allowing you to purchase new classes and upgrades.

The game is mechanically sound. It's addictive, it's tough, and it mixes it up enough that each play through will offer it's own set of challenges. Where the game lacks a tiny bit is in the visuals. It's by no means ugly, and certainly has it's charm in it's pixel art, it it does look pretty standard issue. I didn't find the art direction to be very memorable. This is one of those games where it's "mechanics over graphics".

Overall Overture is a pretty enjoyable little romp, with some addictive qualities to it. It's not asking for very much either, and I think it's well worth the asking price if this interest you at all.

- Simple mechanics, but high skill ceiling
- Does a good job at distilling core RPG and Roguelike elements
- Addictive
- Fair asking price

- Uninspired visuals

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