Life is Strange Episode one: Quick Look

Life is Strange is a narrative driven point and click adventure game. You play as a young girl named Max, in school for photography. It does a good job at portraying modern youth but it does have a twist that you'll find out early into the game. With out saying too much that twist will play a fairly large role in the small instances of puzzle solving that's featured in episode one. You'll also be making choices through out the game and each choice will have an impact on the overall outcome.

I'll be honest, I didn't really expect to like the game to much based solely on the theme of the game. I ended up getting it because of it's low price and great looking visuals. I really do like the art design in this game. I features an almost acrylic hand painted texture style that really carries the game's aesthetic.

I'm glad I ended up getting it and playing it through. Life is Strange is well written, the characters, though typical in archetype, has a lot of depth. Both the main and supporting cast all show flaws, and strengths. Traits that may seem obvious, then get's contradicted by a story revel. It is the level of intricacies in each character that I enjoyed the most.

Overall, Life is Strange is a surprising little gem. The theme might not be for every one, but what it does it does pretty well.

- Great art style
- Unexpected turns
- Fair payment model
- Good characters

- The "Special ability" of this game is under used
- Mechanically, it does nothing ground breaking

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