I open 60 packs of cards in Hearthstone. Is Hearthstone P2W?

I've heard it said that Hearthstone is pay to win (P2W).

There was a 30% off sale on Amazon and I decided to find out for myself. One would think $55 is a solid enough chunk of change to drop on a "free" online card game.

I've put many hours into Hearthstone, so I rationalize this move by telling myself  things like "I've enjoyed this game enough to contribute some real money to it" and "I'm helping other players by taking the plunge for them"

I've recorded the experience.

The statistical break down of cards is as follows.

rare 64 x 20 = 1280
common 219 x5 = 1095
epic 10 x 100 = 1000
legendary 3 x 400 = 1200

common 4 x 50 = 200
rare 2 x 100 = 200

total dust = 4975

0.90$ per 100 dust

So a legendary costs about $14.40 worth of dust to craft.
I ask you, Is that pay to win?
One or 2 legendaries does not a good deck make. You need a solid foundation of rares, commons, potentially epics to make a competitive Hearthstone decks.


There are many competitive decks that can be created for much less than 4975 dust.
You can find multitudes of these decks at www.hearthpwn.com. Where the dust cost of a deck is clearly listed. 
Having one strong deck isn't really good enough as the daily quests are randomly generated. Put all your dust into one great Warrior deck? Now you only getting non-warrior quests.

Should you spend 50+ dollars on packs of cards? A resounding NO is appropriate.
The cash to card ratio is incredibly poor unless you have a lucky horseshoe in your rear-end.
I don't believe Hearthstone is Pay to win. It's an enjoyable game with a very slow progression.
Pumping money into it won't yield powerful results, so save your cash.


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