Eden Star: Early Impressions (Indie game survival crafting)

Eden Star is a high fidelity crafting survival game with a sci-fi spin. You'll be tossed into an alien planet, gathering resources to craft defenses for your base, as during the night, you could potentially get swamped by waves of enemies. During the night besides the danger of facing hoards of mobs, you'll also be exposed to toxic air, as the atmosphere of the planet turns toxic when the sun sets.

Though the game states that it's a survival game, from my experience I feel that it's not a "true" survival game. There's no hunger, or thirst meter, and you don't go around the map collecting scattered objects. Every thing you need is all crafted. I would compare Eden Star to Minecraft much more than DayZ. I think when the devs mentioned survival they were referring to the base defense aspect, and perhaps the toxic air during the nights.

The flow of the game is this: During the day you'll explore the map, gathering as much materials as possible, and when night falls you'll be under the protection of your base from the toxic air, while crafting defensive items, such as walls, weapons, and sentries to help you defend, that's if you're lucky to get a night where you're not hounded by waves of enemies. If that is the case, you'll probably be spending the night fending off mobs and making repairs.

In it's current state, the Eden Star is very playable, with enough features and functions for the player to explore, and it's also quite stable with out any crashes and a mostly consistent frame rate. But, being in early access, at the point of this impression the game does lack an "end game". Once you have every thing you need crafted with a well fortified base, there's not really much more to do. Couple this with the game's lack of save function, the player may lose interest much sooner than the game intends.

The game looks good overall, using the unreal4 engine and does a good job at conveying the alien landscape. I don't have much complaints about the games visuals, though a more robust options with better graphic settings would be welcomed.

Overall, Eden Star looks like it has a lot of potential with an interesting premise for a crafting game. I would love to see the game live up to it's "survival" description a little more, but here's hoping in future patches, we'll see more of that aspect come to light. It's an intriguing entry into the genre, and at the very least, worth keeping an eye on.

Impression written on version:

- Good looking landscape
- Base defense is a lot of fun
- Good crafting system
- Playable and stable

- Lacks content and an "end game"
- I don't feel like it lives up to the "survival" description currently
- underwhelming options menu

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