Rollers of the Realm : Impressions

Rollers of the Realm takes 2 very different genres and mixes it up into one game. It takes the party building. character progression, and narrative, of RPGs, and put it into a pinball setting. Each ball represent it's own character with it's own traits, stats, and specials. Each pinball table plays out more like an RPG quest than a traditional pinball table, where quest goals, and some times navigation are designed with precedence over classic pinball score attack.

The game looks great overall. Each table / environment are well detailed and stylized in the expected RPG motifs, with some pretty impressive art design and lighting. Though some of the character profiles, the 2D illustrations, I found to be not quite as strong as the 3D models. The sound design is what you'd expect from pinball games, but throw in some grunts as you hit enemy mobs, and other classic RPG sounds when you do RPG things.

As a game on it's own it's pretty enjoyable. The mixing of 2 very different genres itself grabs attention, and certainly playing an RPG based pinball game I was ecstatic at first! But as I played more I realized, through the blending of 2 genres, certain aspects of both were lost in the process. The character progression in the game is very simple when compared to other RPGs, while the tables are less exciting and creative than other pinball games due to it's need to be designed around a quest, or a goal, rather than score attack. So as a game on it's own, it's enjoyable, but when compared to either of the 2 genre it's blending it can leave a player wanting.

Overall Rollers of the Realm is a very curious game, that the idea of blending pinball with RPG alone should turn some heads. It's enjoyable in it's own right, but might not hold it's own when compared to either of the genre it's blending. But if you are looking for a pinball game with RPG elements, there's not too many other options out there, and you could do much worst than Rollers of the Realm.


- A very interesting blend of genres
- Good Looking Pinball tables
- Enjoyable under it's own merit
- Easy to learn, very accessible


- Good game overall, but doesn't excel as either an RPG or Pinball
- Simple progression system
- Some Awkward tables

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