Resident Evil HD Remaster: Impressions

RE1 Remaster is basically the GameCube port to the PC, but it does come with a few extra bells and whistles. The most obvious is the up res'ed textures, backgrouds, and overall resolution. There's also a new control scheme and a even new character skins.

If you're an old timer looking for an excuse to replay one of your childhood favorites, RE1 Remaster won't disappoint. All of the classic tank control, hallway rerunning, and key collecting goodness remain intact. I do recommend turning the difficulty to hard on your first go if you are looking for that "true" classic RE experience. (Normal would definitely be considered easy to series vets)

If you are new to classic RE, this would be a great time to see what all the hoohaa is all about. Playing the old PSX version for the younger generation might be difficult due to the dated look, but now that we have a much superior visual product that still has the classic mechanics, it can potentially show case that these older mechanics still has merit in today's gaming world. But be aware, if you are new it won't play like modern games. There will be a large degree of backtracking, and confusion at first. But if you can get over that hump, I think most can get a lot of enjoyment out of RE1 Remaster

I've said plenty of positive things about this game so far, but it is not perfect. Though it does run mostly well, at a consistent 60FPS, it does dip down due to a loading bug every now and then. It happens randomly and not always in the same location. It is noticeable. Though most of the textures and models have been up res'ed expertly, there are still some props in the game that has very low res or stretched textures that make it look very out of place.

Overall I think RE1 Remaster was done well for the most part. I'm enjoying it and can only recommend it to any one curious. But do know I'm a classic RE fan, played it since the PSX days, so I will have some nostalgia bias.

- Feels and plays just like classic RE1
- Updated visuals are mostly well done
- New features such and additional skins are welcomed
- Still one of the freakiest games out there

- Some technical bugs on load
- Might be frustrating for the uninitiated
- We need a Resident Evil 2 Remake (pls Capcom)

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