Receiver: Impressions

Receiver: Impressions

Receiver certainly is an interesting take on the FPS genre, but this time, the "S" stands for simulation. Rather than your standard run and gun gameplay most FPS features, Receiver is much more deliberate where the focus isn't just on the shooting, but also on the gun itself.

In Receiver you must manage every part of the gun, the slider, the hammer, the magazine, it's chamber, etc. If you don't take care of your gun, or understand how each part functions you will die... a lot. The game does a good job at simulating what it takes to handle a real gun. Due to it's vast amount of controls there is a definite learning curve with this game. It will not play like other FPSs you've played previously.

The game is only $5usd, which isn't asking for a lot, but do know there are limited amounts of options, features, and content. There is only one play mode, only 2 types of enemies, and not much in the way of customization. Although the game does it's best to incentivize reply with it's procedurally generated maps, enemies, and load out, and each play through will be different from the last, but it will be "different" with a lot of very familiar assets.

Certainly the game is challenging, and at first may even be frustrating to some, but it's also very rewarding. Once you manage to get over the difficulty and control hump, the game will feel like none other you've played. Each kill feels like a huge victory, and the game does a good job at instilling a legitimate sense of tension and danger around every corner.

Overall Receiver is a quality product at a low price point. The content might be limited, but through the creativity of it's mechanics, there are also endless possibilities to play through.

- Procedurally generated maps and load out offers endless play potential
- Very unique mechanics and concept
- Best gun simulation I've played (only gun simulation I've played?)
- Challenging
- Very fair price

- Limited content
- Moderate visuals
- Large learning curve


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