Proteus: Quick Look (indie game open world)

Proteus is about pretty colors, pretty sounds, and walking. A lot of walking. There's really not a whole lot of mechanics to speak out side of exploring a randomly generated world. As you explore, you can bump into random events and objects that through your "interactions" the music and sounds will change in response. The mechanic of the game is simply walking and exploring.

I think it would be pretty fair to say it's not a game for every one. For those who's used to mi-maxing, meta-gaming, or twitching through their games, you probably won't find Proteus all that appealing. But for those who like their games a little bit more light hearted, simpler, and rather relax when they game, Proteus might be an interesting choice.

The randomly generated worlds are quite pleasing on the eye with a fantastic art design behind it. It does 2.5D graphics expertly. The color pallet is very relaxing and appealing, and it even has dynamic weather effects. The sound and music are also equally praise worthy.

For those who don't mind minimal mechanics but really enjoy the exploration aspect of gaming, then I am please to let you know, Proteus does a great job and mixing the world up with each play through, almost always showing some new random thingy or McBobber to find in the world, and for the explorers out there, that might be enough to satisfy your gaming needs.

Overall Proteus shows an interesting concept and pushes the idea of "Non-game" games. It won't be for every one, but for those who might be interested in these sorts of games, Proteus is one of the best out there.

- Gorgeous randomly generated worlds
- Great art style
- Great audio
- Very relaxing

- Minimal mechanics
- Not for every one
- Can not save current world you're exploring (new world every time you play)

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