H1Z1: Early Impressions

H1Z1 is, yes, another open world zombie survival game. If you love this genre, H1Z1 might interest you, but if you don't, it'll do nothing to change your mind.

After a rocky first day, H1Z1 recouped and start it's day 2 quite strong. With many technical hitches resolved in 24 hours. I must say, the devs on H1Z1 are some of the faster responders to the dreaded "day 1 launch" melt down that most online game faces.

On day 2 of the game's launch, it plays fairly well, with already a decent amount of content to explore. Drivable cars, dynamic weather, servers full of people, zombies, wildlife, crafting, and loot! Not every thing is perfect, and the rough edges will be quite noticeable but I must admit, H1Z1 is one of the more feature full survival game on launch. For an early access game, H1Z1 is already quite playable, minus a few rare crashes, and some performance hic ups.

The game plays as you would expect if you've ever played any survival open world game. It doesn't do any thing too out standing, or unique to it's own, but what it does is, take some of the best elements of other survival games, and mash them into one.

H1Z1 under it's own merit is a good game, even at this stage of development, however, some have called into question it's pay model. Currently, it's $20.00 to get into the early access, will be a Free to Play when fully released, but the controversial aspect is the fact that you can pay real world money to call for Air drops, which obviously has a huge impact on the game play. I don't really want to spend too much time discussing this part, but if I was to summarize how I feel about it quickly, I'd say "wait and see".

Even with out using any air drops (I havent used mine yet) I'm still enjoying the game for what it is. Rough yes, but the devs have proven to be working diligently

Overall I think H1Z1 has an interesting future. I feel like it's off to a good start (besides the hell of a first day) and the only real question is, "will the pay model be fair in the end?"

- Does what most other survival game does
- Fairly well featured with lots to do
- Friendly Community
- Responsive devs

- Shows early access "rough edges"
- Doesn't do anything uniquely it's own
- Pay model under heavy scrutiny

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