Gravity Ghost (PC): Impressions

Gravity Ghost is a physics based platformer that utilizes gravity as it's core mechanic. It's a very unique take on the genre that has a ton of charm and wonder.

Each stage you visit functions as it's own puzzle that will feature various gravity and physics based puzzles. You'll be going through stage to stage, unlocking stars, spirit animals, and an assortment of items and special powers. As you unlock more areas and gain new powers the story will start to unfold. Though it could be argued that Gravity Ghost is "arcady" at it's core, it does manage to tell an interesting narrative, which is something "arcady" games tend to lack.

The Puzzle like stages of Gravity ghost are mostly well designed, and offers a higher than expected degree of variety. When I first started this game I expected the game to get repetitive the more I play, but was surprised by how creative the developers were in designing each area. Though many stages will have repeating mechanics, they're offered in interesting and often unexpected ways to solve a puzzle. The puzzles them selves are very accessible as I never found myself stuck for too long, but still satisfied when I manage to solve it. The puzzles are well designed, and creative too.

Artistically, Gravity Ghost shows an almost crayon child's drawing presentation. It's whimsical,and very easy on the eyes. It's one of the game's most attractive qualities and has the audio to match. Gravity ghost is a lot of eye candy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Though the game has a ton of potential, and I can safely say I've enjoyed my time with it, it's still not perfect. Gravity Ghost comes with the main campaign and that's about it. There's no bonus features, extra modes, or even a very good options and settings menu.

Overall Gravity Ghost is a fun light romp, with a ton of charm. It's probably not going to appeal to those who is looking to meta-game and mix-max, or twitch their way to victory, but for any one who is looking for a more easy going experience in their gaming Gravity Ghost would be a pretty good choice.

- Wonderful art and music
- Good use of physics based puzzles
- Inventive puzzle design
- Very accessible

- Lacks features and options
- Might be considered too "casual" for some

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