Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (PC): Quick Look

MGSV:GZ has all the gameplay qualities that most of you have come to expect from the MGS series. Ground Zeroes is a great looking game, especially if you are running it from a mid-high tier machine or above. It's very well optimized and shows noticeable improvement from it's console counterpart.

If you're into the MGS series this is an easy recommendation, but every one needs to be aware that your first play through will only be between 2-4 hours depending on how you play. It's not a lot, and certainly much less from what we've come to be used to from AAA release. But the game does offer multiple ways to play, and gives incentive to multiple playthroghs. If you are to look at a game like Transistor which is about the same price, it also only has 2-4 hours first time through. From that perspective I feel I can still recommend MGSV:GZ even with it's short play time.

Overall I enjoyed what the game had to offer and I am very very excited for the Phantom Pain

- Great visuals
- Great optimization for the PC
- Classic MGS gameplay
- Multiple ways to play, multiple playthrough possibilities

- Very short for a AAA release
- Only features one area

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