Early Impressions: The Deer God

The Deer God features some of the most impressive 2.5D pixel art I've seen. Between the pleasing color pallet, the detailed animations, and the overall love and care that shines through in the design is breath taking. It's high quality aesthetic certainly helps the game as one of the most enjoyable aspect of the Deer God is simply exploring and discovering the game's many biomes and events.

As you play through the game, you'll be looking for food, surviving against predators, and environmental hazards, and growing big and strong. As you grow you'll also get faster, stronger, and can jump higher. You'll also be able to chose to become "good" or "evil" through your own actions, each featuring it's own risks and rewards. Besides exploring and platforming, you'll be developing your deer as well. But be careful, as the game features perma-death, and the only way to continue with your built up progress after an untimely demise, is to have children once you've reached maturity.

Though the game is gorgeous, and it's concept unique to it's own, it's not quite perfect. After playing an hour or 2 of Deer God, you'll start seeing more and more repetition of environments and in events. Even though you'll start seeing repetition, the game's character progression system, I feel to be too slow. On my best run, 45 minutes I saw most of the game's biomes (many times over) and my progress with my deer has reached adult, but have barely gained any new abilities or gathered enough "good" or "evil" points to seem to make a difference. I feel like this slow progress was designed to artificially raise the play time, and I feel that more variety of game events, biomes, and smarter platforming design would help this game in a big way. It should also go with out saying, that the current progress system could use some tweaking as well.

Though the game's progression system I feel could use some work, I believe Deer God is a great game overall. Even in early access, the game feels quite complete and very playable, which is not some thing I can say too often, when speaking about early access. So if Deer God looks interesting enough, you could do a lot worst.

- Beautiful aesthetic and sound design
- Unique game concept
- Relaxing and calming

- Progression system currently feels artificially bloated
- Could be too simple for some

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