Distance: Early Impressions

Distance features high quality visuals and audio, with a great sound track. The game is essentially an arcade racer that focuses on avoiding obstacles and quick reflexes. It has a lot of very interesting ideas and mechanics, including flight (yeah, your car can fly), interesting play on gravity (drive on walls and ceiling), and some environmental hazards that are quite unique in how they can affect your performance.

The game excels at giving the player the sensation of speed, but also keeps him/her on their toes as the tracks are always littered with piles of hazards. When you first jump into Distance, some parts of the game may get frustrating at first, and your first flight will probably end in tragedy. There is a learning curve, but if you can get over that hump, this game can feel incredibly satisfying as you learn to needle thread through obstacles, and flipping your car just at the right moment, you'll find that "holy shit" moment more than once.

My only real complaint is how the game handles gravity some times. As mentioned previously, you can flip your car to drive on ceilings and walls, but the game some times doesn't know what to do with the car if you don't jump or flip exactly as the game wants you to. Instead of making a landing that looked perfectly reasonable, you fly off into the nether, then your car blows up... I hope the developers can make some adjustments in the future and tweak the gravity to be more consistent and user friendly.

Distance is in Early Access, but unlike many in the same program Distance feels very complete. It already features a full and robust options and graphics settings, level editor with over 150 user made maps available already, local and online multiplayer, and multiple ways to play the campaign maps. Distance has raised the bar of what gamers can expect from early access games, and this is a good thing.

Overall Distance is a very enjoyable arcade racer that will have you pulling your hair out one minute, and in the next, your nose will be touching the screen with focus and determination. It's a hell of a ride.

- Great visuals and audio
- Fast and visceral gameplay
- Challenging
- Tons of interesting ideas
- Feels extremely complete for an early access (Beta 3297)

- Gravity feels wonky at times
- Can be frustrating at first


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