Chaos Reborn: Early impression Ft: FedoraG4mer

Chaos Reborn is a very interesting multiplayer focused turn based strategy game, that seems to feature some CCG elements as well. You start as a wizard each and as the turns move on you'll be casting creatures, and spells from the cards drawn from your deck, while racing to mana wells to power up your abilities.

Certainly it features a lot of tactical thinking and great for those who enjoy cerebral gameplay. The game currently looks quite good as well, with a fantasy setting that could rival Blizzard design. Though the gameplay is quite enjoyable already do know it's not perfect and there are serious missing elements to this game currently.

Almost all character customization and a large part of the progression system has yet to be implmented (as of this impression) and the gameplay focus almost soley on RNG based tactics.

Currently I can say the gameplay is enjoyable, but lacks any sense of commitment since the progression system is simply not there. The game's core is playable currently but do know a very large portion of this game has yet to be implemented. It feels very incomplete right now.

I will give this game a recommendation solely because steam dosn't allow for mixed reviews, but do know you are getting the bare minimum currently. I'd recommend keeping an eye on Chaos reborn for the time being and invest in it on later versions or even when the game is complete

- Good visuals and audio
- Engaging tactical play
- From a proven and competent development team

- Feels very early and incomplete. Too many features missing
- Balance needs tweaking


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