Project Numbus: Early Impressions

Project Nimbus is a quick, action packed, and highly responsive mech flighter. You take control of one of many different mechs and dog fight in a variety of different scenarios. The game features easy to handle mech flight with some face pace air combat. The visuals are quite sleek and clean, with some of the best sky and atmosphere effects I've seen in any game! The clouds are ridiculously realistic, and so is the atmosphere effect.

Though the overall game as of this review is good with some very high caliber game play and presentation, it is early in it's early access phase, and the game really does feel incomplete at the moment. There's a lack of options in the options menu, the survival mode feels very incomplete and tacked on, and the campaign, though enjoyable, only features the first act.

Though the game does feel a little light on it's content currently, I highly recommend to at least keep an eye on Project Nimbus if you don't decide on the purchase. If you do end up buying the game, know that it is incomplete, but what is there, is very enjoyable. I see amazing things for this game in the future.

- Great and realistic sky aesthetics
- Fast, and demanding game play
- Easy to learn
- Has a lot of potential

- Feels incomplete currently
- Some features such as survival mode seems tacked on


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