Never Alone: Impressions

Never Alone to put it simply is a puzzle platformer, but the game is a whole lot more than that. It's an interactive tribute piece to the indigenous people of Alaska. Every thing about this game is distinctly of that culture. The environments, the integration of traditional art into the game's mechanics, even down to the anatomy of the characters involved. The game is not only an enjoyable platformer, but also educational and inspiring.

The game's story is based off of a folk tale from the culture that it's based on and the narrative is certainly one that is heartfelt. The relationship between the little girl and the fox is one that will resonate with all people, going into themes of friendship, survival, and even lost of loved ones. To go with the story, the game also features a fantastic mini-documentary that details the indigenous Alaskan's heritage and culture. As you unlock these videos, the details from the video will often manifest itself into the environment and gameplay. A great way to add some context to the game's mechanics and narrative.

Visually and audio wise, this game got it in spades. It's a beautiful game, that has been expertly rendered into a truly unique and awe inspiring piece, art as games exemplified if you will. It takes ques from the traditions of the people in the story, and overall, I would argue it's visual and design quality could rival those of Pixar.

Though with out a doubt I can tell you that Never Alone is of a high caliber in quality, it's not with out it's flaws. Though the AI controlled character does a mostly good job at doing what it suppose to, there will be times where the AI is simply not smart enough which will lead to some frustrations when playing solo. This issue of course can be marginalized when played with another player. Another issue is that the game does have some bugs. They don't occur often, and if it does there is a reset to last check point in the menu to help you if said issue comes up. These were minor issues that I was able to get over during play, but still things that are worth noting.

Overall Never Alone is a fantastic experience that fans of this genre, or those who are interested in the culture presented in the game, should not miss out on!

- Beautiful aesthetic and design
- A true tribute to the people depicted in the game
- Inspiring, educational, and it's fun to boot!
- A great narrative experience
- Wonderful mini-documentary as a special feature

- The AI partner though mostly good, can be frustrating during the times that it's bad
- Some minor bugs present

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