Devil's Dare: Quick Look

Devil's Dare wear it's inspirations on it's sleeves. The game does a great job at parodying and paying homage to the games that proceeded it. It takes notes from classic beat'm ups such as River City Ransom, Streets of Rage, Ninja Turtles, etc. If I was to nail one classic game it resembles the most, I would have to say River City Ransom.

The game features an interesting combo system, rewarding the player for higher hit counts and an interesting perma-death mechanic. Gold in this game is used to buy revives, with out enough gold you die, your save file is deleted, and a kitten some where probably died because of you. It's not an easy game to say the least. The game has enough challenge to keep hardcores around, while remaining easy enough to understand that most can get into.

Though I think it's obvious that I've enjoyed the game overall, it's not with out it's problems. There is no resolution option, and the game's default is rather low. There's also no auto detection for game pads, you must manuelly enter each command from the options menu. Not game breaking issues, but noticeable enough be mentioned. Besides some quality of life issues, the game is not the most responsive beat'm up I've ever played. It could be argued for the sake of game balance, but some times I get into situations where I have no options to avoid an incoming attack, even if I see it a mile away. As mentioned before, these long animation frames could be argued as game balances, but overall, it's more sluggish than most in the genre.

Though the game is not perfect, it has enough charm and challenge, to keep most nostalgia junkies happy. Devil's Dare is an enjoyable light romp, that will have you giggling at the many many references to your childhood.

+ Excellent execution on it's style and humor
+ A must play for nostalgia fans
+ Fun and challenging combat
+ Easy to understand, tough to master

- Quality of life issues (lack of resolution options, no game pad auto-detect)
- Attacks can feel sluggish at times
- No online multiplayer


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